• Introduction

    No matter who you are there comes a point in life when you think  “What am I doing?”. You often ponder about what it is you’re doing or where your life is taking you. Life almost seems as if it’s a TV re-run that plays over and over.

    So many times this world tells us we need to hurry up and get to the end. However, when there becomes a period of wait in our life we freak out. I know for me in my life that I have had plenty of twist and turns, up and downs. A red light that would never seem to change.

    We are not perfect in anyway, never will be. We must still live our life to the fullest, never giving up on what we are chasing. It’s better to chase after a dream than to let the dream chase after you. It’s better to go for what you want than to let what you want haunt you the rest of your life.